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ICBR 2022 Recyclers scramble to boost battery metals market share

The global battery recycling market was valued at EUR 10.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach EUR 19.2 billion by 2030. ‘The potential growth of battery driven products is incredible,’ says Laurent Cohen of Solvay. ‘However, the input recyclers provide today is but a drop in the ocean in the demand for battery metals.’

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ICBR 2022 South Africa gears up battery recycling

‘There are no dedicated battery recycling facilities set up in South Africa so we are losing valuable materials like lithium and cobalt,’ says Lesego Siwela, applications engineer at Cwenga Technologies. The South African company is one of the first players trying to fill the country’s gap in recycling potential.

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ICBR 2022 – 27th International Congress for Battery Recycling opens in Salzburg, Austria


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ICBR 2022 Innovation in battery recycling needed

Innovation in battery recycling is needed, it seems. The proliferation of lithium battery fires that were being discussed at the International Congress on Battery Recycling (ICBR) held this year in Salzburg. Vic Giles asks if lithium batteries should be treated as the ‘problem child’ of the battery industry.

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ICBR 2022 Television report by ORF

International Congress for Battery Recycling 2022: 14 September 2022, Television report by ORF the Austrian national TV station and interviews at ICBR 2022.

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ICBR 2022 Media Release: Cyclewell Technologies

Cyclewell Technologies’ lithium battery recycling process and equipment system is based on high chemical design standards. With the advantages of advanced recycling technology and intelligent equipment, Cyclewell has solved the problems of high safety risk, serious secondary pollution and poor economy in the lithium battery recycling industry.

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ICBR 2022 Interview with Jean-François Nogrette

ICM: Can you tell me about Veolia’s hazardous waste activities and battery recycling in particular ?

Jean-François Nogrette: Veolia has been involved in hazardous waste management for 50 years and it’s now one of our core and fastest growing activities with important expansions in Europe, Asia and North America. It’s the reason why…

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ICBR 2022 Interview with Tero Holländer

ICM: What made Fortum decide to enter the battery recycling market?

Tero Holländer: As you know, Finland is a major source of primary battery materials and has a long history of implementing low CO2 solutions in its installations. We see that in the future, batteries will of course play an ever-increasing role in the energy infrastructures of the future. The Fortum group is…

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ICBR 2022 Interview with Gunter Flinspach

ICM: What is the current context for Light Means of Transport (LMT) batteries?
Gunter Flinspach: Lithium-ion technology is the enabler of the success story of light electric mobility. Over 5 million eBikes have been sold In the European Union last year. This makes the eBike…

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