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June 19th - June 21st, 2024

IARC 2024 International Automotive Recycling Congress

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Antwerp, Belgium
September 10th - September 12th, 2024

ICBR 2024 International Congress for Battery Recycling

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Basel, Switzerland
January 22nd - January 24th, 2025

IERC 2025 International Electronics Recycling Congress

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Salzburg, Austria

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  • ICBR 2023 Internationaler Kongress für Batterierecycling



    If you missed the congress, you can purchase the virtual package and get access to the following information:

    • Recordings of sessions
    • Presentations (PDFs)
    • Interviews with some of the key players
    • photos
    • Company videos
    • List of delegates

    The ICBR 2023 Virtual Hub will be available onsite and on-demand for all delegates until the end of March 2024

  • IERC 2024 Internationaler Kongress für Elektronik-Recycling



    If you missed the congress, you can purchase the virtual package and get access to the following information:

    • Recordings of sessions
    • Presentations (PDFs)
    • Interviews with some of the key players
    • photos
    • Company videos
    • List of delegates

    The IERC 2024 Virtual Hub will be accessible onsite and virtually on-demand for all participants until the end of June 2024

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    ICM is renowned as the only congress organiser with Steering Committees of international experts and 28 years of delivering a world-class experience to delegates.


    ICM AG is the international leader in circular economy congress organisation, specialising in vehicle, electronics and battery recycling as well as e-mobility; some of the fastest-growing markets and waste streams in the world. Headquartered in Switzerland, ICM has been organizing conferences in Europe, North America and Asia for the last 28 years. Jeanette Duttlinger, the company founder, manages a team that speaks English, Chinese,  French, German, Spanish, Italian, Serbian and Bulgarian.


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News from the recycling world

‘Celebrating progress and addressing challenges: The Plast2beCleaned Project at IERC 2024’

The Plast2bCleaned Project, an initiative aimed at developing a circular economy solution for WEEE plastics, was presented at IERC 2024, a global gathering of professionals in the electronics recycling field. Presentations by partners at the Hotel Sheraton in Salzburg highlighted the project’s progress and the challenges it faces. Experts emphasized the need for presorting to ensure the success of recycling initiatives and participants agreed that better communication between product designers and recycling experts is crucial for designing products that are easier and more cost-effective to recycle.

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‘Midlands businessman honoured with international recycling award’

At the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC) in Salzburg last week, CEO of KMK Metals Recycling and President of the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA), Kurt Kyck was bestowed the iconic IERC 2024 Honorary Award.

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‘Interview PLAST2bCLEANED’

The overall aim is to disseminate PLAST2bCLEANED’s results and learnings, as well as to investigate how these results can be further exploited or further developed. Besides presenting and discussing the technical project results, there will be a lot of time for interaction on the next steps, removing obstacles and stimulating measures to enhance plastics circularity.

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There are a lot of colleagues here, so it’s a good place to get together. We have also a lot of car manufacturers here listening to us which is kind of new; they haven’t been here before. It’s a lot of connections that we need to tie into, so that’s why we’re here... Watch the video testimonial



Mattias Pettersson, Co-founder, AutoCirc

It’s so important to stay here for Techemet because we support the circular economy, the innovation and the technology…We support this event because it is important to understand the industry changes... Watch the video testimonial



Alvise Marzo, Public Affairs Director, Techemet

We’re here at the Automotive Recycling Congress and our customers come from the automotive industry, we develop products together. We work on a global scale with Focus areas in Europe and in North America and our specialty is simple, safe and cost efficient packaging for Lithium-ion batteries for the EV Market... Watch the video testimonial



Denys Mucker , Global General Manager, AkkuGrain

At IARC we are a community, it’s this big Auto Recycling family that gathers each year. This time, we met in Geneva, and next year, we look forward to reuniting in Antwerp Watch the video testimonial



Catherine Lenaerts , CEO, Febelauto

We are here, first to hear about all the new developments and what’s happening in the business. On the other hand, meeting people, I think that’s the most important... Watch the video testimonial



Paul Dietz, CEO, ARN Auto Recycling Nederland

Glencore has always been a long-standing supporter of IERC and I am very impressed with the quality of people I have met here. It is a very good mix of not just an exhibition or industry networking but some of the topics being discussed are very timely, challenging and tough. There is a lot of intellectual knowledge packed in one or two days at the congress. IERC has done a good job in rooting for the cause of recycling… Watch the video testimonial



Kunal Sinha, Group Global Head of Recycling, Glencore International

Especially interesting for us are companies that are taking care of the recycling processes, and these are the people that we want to meet here and that we have already met. It is a nice event… Watch the video testimonial



Steffen Kück, Country Sales Manager, DOLAV Germany

My main clients, OEMs ask us where do we get the green materials from, and this is where we like to help them and that is why I am here. The industry is very quick and innovating, so you need to stay at the forefront so it is also educating ourselves but also bringing this knowledge to our customers. I am positive and we need to keep the positive spirit to move things forward… Watch the video testimonial



Nicole Voigt, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

The upcoming program at IARC 2023 regarding ELV’s exiting the EU is set to be the most dynamic program that IARC has ever brought together.



Joseph M. Holsten, CEO, LKQ Corporation

We are here as every year in January, because for us is the most important conference for e-scrap in Europe and we are here to meet our business partners and to develop and maintain the business relationships… Watch the video testimonial



Frank Rettinger, Director E-Scrap Recycling, Hensel Recycling

We are always interested to get closer to the OEMs and this is why we are really present on fairs and conventions like this… Watch the video testimonial



Marc Affüpper, COO, TSR Recycling

One of the very important things is the collaboration and getting to know people in the industry, that sort of inspires collaboration, partnership, thoughts and ideas to flow. These kinds of meetings or conferences are really important achieving those outcomes… Watch the video testimonial



Alvin Piadasa, Group Sustainability Director, Strategic Account Director, TES Central Europe

It is an excellent hub for us, where we can be part of a network, make the right connections and direction for the incoming year… Watch the video testimonial



Anastasia Morozova, Senior Trader, IGNEO Technologies

We are here to build our network, have face to face interactions and introduce our solutions… Watch the video testimonial



Lauri Pesonen, Director – Solutions Sales and Development, Metso Outotec

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