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Metal recovery at IERC 2023

IERC 2023 is the leading event in the Circular Economy Electronics world. The event brings together more than 500 international professionals from production, design, promotion, business development, material supply, recycling, logistics and authorities.

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IERC 2023 Interview with Stephane Burban

ICM: Present Glencore and your activity in a few words.
Stephane Burban: Glencore is one of the world’s largest global diversified natural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of more than 60 responsibly-sourced commodities that advance everyday life. Through a network of assets, customers and suppliers that spans the globe, we produce, process, recycle, source, market and distribute the commodities that enable decarbonisation while meeting the energy needs of today.
Glencore companies employ around 135,000 people, including contractors. With a strong footprint in over 35 countries in both established and emerging regions for natural resources, our marketing and industrial activities are supported by a global network of more than 40 offices.

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IERC 2023 Preview interview with Raymond Langevoort

ICM: Could you start by presenting Boliden and your activity in a few words?

Raymond Langevoort: Boliden is a base metals company, operating 5 mining areas of which the Aitik copper mine and Garpenberg zinc mine are the two largest mines operated in Sweden. The company’s smelter division operates 6 smelters…

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Wie der Green Deal für die Industrie funktioniert (EU-Recycling)

Die diesjährige Hybridveranstaltung vom 18. bis 21. Januar 2022 und flankiert von 40 Ausstellern hatte wieder zahlreiche Unternehmens- und Technikpräsentationen im Programm. In einem extra-Workshop erarbeiteten Experten Handlungsempfehlungen zur Umsetzung des europäischen Green Deal in der Industrie. Das Positionspapier soll der EU-Kommission vorgelegt werden.

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E-scrap scene reunites in Salzburg: “So happy to be back”

Some 200 professionals from the global electronics recycling industry gathered in Salzburg for 20th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC).

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Global e-scrap scene reunites in Salzburg

The electronics recycling community, which was unable to meet last year, returned to its traditional venue in Salzburg on 18-21 January for its annual congress. The busy exhibition hall hosted some 40 recycling solutions providers and the level of interest and activity in all areas of the congress, showed that this industry needed to meet again. ‘It is crucial to meet face to face in this industry, we are so happy to be back in Salzburg,’ one delegate said.

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IERC 2022 video

Check out our latest congress IERC 2022 that took place in Salzburg in January 2022!

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