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‘The future of the ELV industry is at stake’

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The future of the ELV industry is at stake


Olivier FRANCOIS, President of the steering committee of the International Automotive Recycling Congress, and President of EuRIC, discusses topics raised during this year’s IARC and their possible effects on the End of Life Vehicle industry.


Three fundamental questions were raised during the IARC 2022 earlier this year:


1. The problem of the EPR scheme: the European Commission wants to impose the creation of “ELV” EPR-scheme (eco-organization) managed by the manufacturers on the occasion of the recast of the ELV Directive, which will be published in the coming months,,,


2. The obligation to propose used spare parts: it was important because of the presence of the European authorities and their consultants at this IARC congress to recall another essential element: the profession is not opposed to a progressive approach in terms of dismantling, but…


3. Recycled plastics in new cars: global plastics are steadily increasing and represent 12 to 15% of the weight of new cars. Manufacturers are demanding, but…


Source: Auto Recycling World, November 21, 2022