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‘What to expect at IARC 2024’

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International Automotive Recycling Congress, Antwerp, Belgium, June 19 – 21, 2024. A major change is operating in the world of vehicle recycling.

Come to meet the global automotive recycling industry and automotive OEMs in

Antwerp, June 19 – 21, 2024.


The 23rd edition of the IARC is taking place in a context of important change for the automotive recycling industry. The EU Commission Proposal for a Regulation on End-of-Life vehicles was published in the summer of 2023. A public consultation allowed stakeholders to comment on the proposal until early December 2023. What will be the position of the EU Council and the EU Parliament in the course of 2024? What is going to be the final outcome for the industry?


As other regions in the world are looking closely at this development, this will be the priority issue for discussion during IARC 2024. Of interest to all stakeholders and operators in the automotive circular economy value chain. The quality of the keynote speakers at IARC 2024 is once again proof that IARC is the main forum for the key players in the automotive recycling space to come together and work on the way to create a sustainable industry for all stakeholders.


Alison Jones, Senior Vice President Global Circular Economy, Stellantis says:

“Stellantis is building a sustainable and profitable business based on Circular Economy principles in the markets where we operate. We have skilled colleagues and trusted partners tackling our current activities and product offer, which are identified by the SUSTAINera label and managed by the dedicated Circular Economy business unit.  We are developing the principles of ‘Design for Circular Economy’.  Then throughout the full vehicle life cycle, we have developed a comprehensive 360-degree business model based on the 4R Strategy: Remanufacturing, Repair and Reuse to extend the lifespan of parts, vehicles and HVBs as much as possible, and then recycle to reduce waste by returning material into the production loop. We are scaling up with an intense rigour, building our capabilities, teams, and facilities, while creating a smart, integrated ecosystem to better manage material scarcity and our drive to carbon net zero”.


Werner Annaert, General Director, OVAM Public Waste Agency of Flanders states:

 “OVAM has always been a pioneer for a greener mobility life cycle. With the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council, we want to make significant progress in discussing the proposed 3R and ELV regulation. We are convinced that this will pave the way for a greener, more efficient future.”


 Luc Arnouts Vice President Port of Antwerp-Bruges adds:

“The Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the largest car handling port in the world, for both new and second-hand cars, and looks at the total lifecycle of the cars, trucks and heavy equipment.  Thus, recycling and circularity are at the heart of its strategy. A dedicated area in the port, named NextGenDistrict, plays a central role in the circular economy in the port.  We are looking forward to challenging discussions and exchanges in Antwerp in June at IARC 2024.”


Koen Kennis, Antwerp Vice-Mayor Koen Kennis, Vice-Major for Mobility, City of Antwerp concludes:

“Antwerp is a great place to do business. It has been like this for centuries and will always be. With regard to the recycling industry in all its diversity, Antwerp hosts some players with a worldwide reputation.  So IARC 2024 came to the right place, and its timing is perfect.” 


ICM, the international circular economy congress organizer based in Switzerland, has been organizing industrial recycling congresses for over 30 years. The congress brings together the key actors from every link in the automotive recycling value chain, from mining to recycling.


“Don’t miss this opportunity! Register now for the International Automotive Recycling Congress. The Early Bird fee runs until April 30, 2024, for all delegates. Join us and be part of the future of automotive recycling!” 


Source: ICM, March 2024