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Press Release: Cyclewell Technologies

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International Congress for Battery Recycling 2022

Media Release 


China’s Cyclewell Technologies sponsors the ICBR22 Virtual Hub for the next six months and showcases its lithium battery recycling technology and equipment.


Salzburg, 21 September 2022. Cyclewell Technologies, the Chinese technology-based company dedicated to developing spent lithium battery recycling technology and equipment, is the exclusive sponsor of the International Battery Recycling Congress 2022 Virtual Hub for the next six months. The congress was held in Salzburg and attracted over 450 participants, a record number.


Cyclewell Technologies’ lithium battery recycling process and equipment system is based on high chemical design standards. With the advantages of advanced recycling technology and intelligent equipment, Cyclewell has solved the problems of high safety risk, serious secondary pollution and poor economy in the lithium battery recycling industry.


Through lithium battery recycling ‘process design – a comprehensive set of intelligent equipment supply, commissioning, and operation’ and other integrated service capabilities, the company, founded in 2020, is able to assist global lithium battery recycling businesses in providing technology services, engineering design, and equipment supply services.


In general, spent lithium battery resources are recycled in two steps.

During the first step, lithium batteries are crushed and sorted into black powder that contains valuable metals.

‘Metal separation and purification’ is the second process in which black powders are separated, acid leached, extracted, and de-hybridized and valuable metals are integrated, purified, and sorted to produce qualifying products.


Solution for lithium battery crushing and sorting

A traditional method of crushing and sorting lithium batteries involves crushing and roasting the discharged batteries in order to remove the organic matter; the crushed materials are then further crushed and screened to produce battery black powder, copper powder, and aluminum powder. There are several problems associated with conventional technology, including a low rate of organic removal, environmental hazards, and a lower level of recycling and purity of black powder.


A breakthrough in organic matter pyrolysis technology and multi-component material separation technology has been developed by Cyclewell Technologies, and this has been combined with online testing equipment to develop an intelligent recycling system for spent lithium batteries that removes over 99% of organic matter and recycles over 98.5% of black powder. The content of copper and aluminum in the black powder is less than 1%.