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‘Interview with Martijn Traas, Director at Van der Ven Autorecycling B.V.’

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ICM: Please present the activities of Van der Ven Autorecycling B.V. in a few words.
Martijn Traas:
Van der Ven Autorecycling is a car dismantling company based in the Netherlands, processing 30,000 to 35,000 cars annually. We have two workshops with a total of 15 ramps to dismantle cars. There is also a scrap area where cars are further dismantled with four Powerhands. Our warehouse has space for 100,000 original used car parts. We also have a fleet of 35 of trucks responsible for collecting cars in the Netherlands. We also offer the Venyard concept, where customers can dismantle the necessary car parts themselves at a fixed, low price.


ICM: You are hosting the plant tour at IARC24, what will our delegates visit?
Martijn Traas:

They will gain exclusive access to Van de Ven’s diverse range of high-quality, used auto parts, poised to rejuvenate vehicles. Then they will witness the remarkable transformation of crushed car wrecks into valuable resources. They will see the state-of-the-art dismantling area, and watch as the cutting-edge equipment and techniques drive efficiency and sustainability. In the tire hall, they will explore tire recycling initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact. Finally, we will visit the drainage area and see responsible fluid management in action, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. And at Venyard, they will experience self-service car part extraction.


ICM: How is the automotive plastic recycling developing, and how is Van der Ven Autorecycling B.V. preparing for the next few years?
Martijn Traas:
Van der Ven Autorecycling works with ARN to recycle as much as 98.7% of the cars. After the shredding process, the ELV is transported to an ARN approved shredder, where the plastic is further separated if necessary. In cooperation with ARN, Van der Ven Autorecycling keeps a close eye on the latest developments.