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‘Interview PLAST2bCLEANED’

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ICM: Can you tell us more about the PLAST2bCLEANED project?

PLAST2bCLEANED: It is an EU-funded research project in which a WEEE plastics recycling process has been successfully developed to TRL5, which means the technology is validated in an industrially relevant environment. We focus on the recycling of the most common WEEE polymers, bromine flame retardants, and antimony trioxide.


ICM: What are the main results of PLAST2bCLEANED so far?

PLAST2bCLEANED: We realized a TRL5 recycling pilot plant based on dissolution under superheated conditions. We were able to produce 9 kg of recycled ABS (rABS) with mechanical properties comparable to virgin ABS. The rABS was used to manufacture a new door frame for a washing machine.


ICM: Who are the partners of the PLAST2bCLEANED consortium?

PLAST2bCLEANED: The partners represent the complete plastics value chain: A plastic sorter (Coolrec), a plastic producer (Elix), chemical industries (ICL, Campine), a producer of E&E products (Electrolux), and an engineering company (Jucheim) collaborated with research institutes (TNO, Fraunhofer ICT, and Gaiker) to develop the PLAST2bCLEANED recycling process.


ICM: Why should I attend the workshop?

PLAST2bCLEANED: We intend this workshop to be as interactive as possible. In addition to presenting the technical project results, you will have the opportunity to take part in discussions about the next steps to be implemented. There will be a panel discussion on removing obstacles and stimulating measures to enhance the circularity of plastics. Process samples of the rABS washing machine door frame will be demonstrated during the workshop.



Source: PLAST2bCLEANED | December 2023